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1. Self care can be for a few breaths of air to an entire day. The more you INTENTIONALLY practice, the easier it will come naturally, the less guilt you might experience and the longer you may enjoy the breaks.

2. I tend to suggest REAL “self care” be a solitary pursuit. You can have a handful of things that fit the bill. Start off by thinking of the senses. Smell. Taste. Touch. See. Hear. (Sit outside looking at the cars go by. Drink tea. Smell essential oils. Wrap in a blanket. Listen to wind chimes or a favorite CD.) You can also do actions: Go for a walk/run. Bake/cook. Play music. Write in a journal. Play a video game. Do art. Go fishing, skate boarding, biking. Watch a movie or cartoon that you know by hear. The ideas are endless. Do what you like that doesn’t cause stress or evoke any negative thoughts.

3. Make self care a priority. Put it in your calendar and schedule where and when you need to be there for the activity (yoga, walk, wandering around). If you’re going fishing, prep for it the night before, plan everything ahead to prevent snafus. In other words, be where you need to be that you’ve chosen for YOU and make it happen.

4. Make self care a gift you need in order to do everything. If you don’t do it, you’ll run down faster emotionally, physically and mentally. You can’t be the best parent, partner, friend, coworker, relative, stranger if you don’t care for yourself.

~ now if I can only take my own advice

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